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Dusty “DustimusPrime” Stokes

Dusty has been a gamer since birth. Starting with the family Atari 2600, he has owned just about every console at some point or another, and in what is surely to be regarded as a bad decision, has taken on the role of retro game hunter. We’ll see how that goes.

Favorite games include League of Legends (he knows, he just doesn’t care), Earthbound, Final Fantasies, and getting yelled at by kids in the Call of Duty games.

Mike “Zane74” Berquam

Having spent 30 years looking for my princess in another castle has prepared me for an amateur career in game journalism. With 15 years of entertainment management, including long stints in comic book shops and big chain video game retail, I can safely say I have some opinions and outlooks on the medium and industry.

My days of current console gaming are mostly over, but I occassionally go back, especially for the nostalgia of 8 bit beginnings and 16 bit nirvana. I now live at my battlestation, chipping away at my 500 game Steam backlog. I enjoy long walks on Koopa Troopa Beach, delightfully British orcs, and Steam-y post sale Indie game marathons.